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Hill\’s Angels Parents Association

Hill\’s Angels Parents Association

The Hill\’s Angels Parents Association (HAPA) is a non-profit organization that financially supports all levels of the Hill\’s Gymnastics Competitive Team.

The primary purpose of HAPA is to financially support the gymnasts in the Hill\’s Angels Competitive Team program. HAPA supports the growth and development of Hill\’s Gymnasts by helping fund the competitions associated with competitive gymnastics.

The majority of our funding comes through fundraising and monthly assessments. Many of the parents and members of the organization dedicate their time, talent and resources to help fulfill the dreams of each competitive gymnast at Hill\’s Gymnastics.

A Board of Directors oversees management of the Association. The Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice President, a Secretary, two Treasurers and nine Team Level Representatives; one for each level, Pre-team (Level 1 & 2) through Elite. Board Members serve one year terms. Parents of all competitive gymnasts are members of the association.


Hill\'s Maryland Classic

The MD Classic website can be found here

HAPA Supports 8 competitive and 1 non-competitive team.


All team members are welcome, and encouraged, to participate in making HAPA a successful organization.  HAPA functions to provide support for its team members and coaches through monetary and voluntary efforts.

Board Meetings

There are two annual HAPA general meetings and monthly board meetings.  Meetings are open for all HAPA members to attend.

Team Activities

HAPA sponsors team activities for the general well-being of all members.  These activities may include picnics, parties and banquets.


Various committees will be established to oversee HAPA\’s functions and events.  Members are voluntarily appointed by the board to serve as needed.

Fundraising Activities

HAPA sponsors several fundraising activities during the year to help support team activities.

HAPA Board of Directors

Every HAPA member is eligible to run for the board of directors.  Officers serve one year terms and are elected annually at the spring general meeting.  Team level representatives serve one year terms and are elected annually at the fall general meeting.

  • President – Shay Thomson

    Vice President – Candace Smith

  • Treasurer (Assessments) – Kecia Dicello

    Treasurer (Finances) – Marilyn Brennan

    Secretary – Latoya Thomas

  • Pre-Team – Lindsay Balent

    Level 3 – Jen Krizman

    Level 4 – Stu Cherande-Friedman

    Level 5 – Nikki Rossignol

    Level 6 – Ashley Price

    Level 7 – Tameika Thomasson

    Level 8 – Alexis Davis

    Level 9 – Nyree Wannell

    Level 10/Elite – Christine Pilgrim